Brand guidelines

Use Ollyo's guidelines to correctly utilize our brand.

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Logo Wordmark

The Ollyo logo, with its distinctive "O"s, embodies our commitment to technological innovation and an open, nurturing work environment. These interconnected "O"s represent our seamless integration of cutting-edge software solutions and the collaborative spirit that drives our team. They signify a harmony between our dedication to advancing web technology and fostering an open, supportive culture that prioritizes creativity and well-being. This design underscores our commitment to pioneering in the tech space while fostering an open workspace that values the growth, diversity, and work-life balance of every team member.

Anatomy & Clearspace

Our logo thrives with ample breathing room. It should remain unobstructed by other logos, text, or graphic elements. To ensure clarity and cleanliness, maintain a minimum clear space around each logo.


Best practices

Adhere to our guidelines for using Ollyo brand assets correctly. Only utilize approved assets from our site to maintain brand integrity. Avoid using logos or images sourced from elsewhere. Here are a few examples of what to absolutely avoid when using the logo.



Don’t stretch or squeeze


Do not rotate

Don’t use busy backgrounds

Don’t use against low-contrast


Ollyo's primary brand color is Turquoise (#0BC1C0), which complements both light and dark backgrounds effectively. When utilizing monochrome wordmarks, incorporate light and dark accents. Reserve the cyan color for backgrounds to ensure consistency.





Dark Teal






Dark Orange


Light Blue




Dark Blue


Light Purple




Dark Purple