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What is Ollyo?

Ollyo stands at the forefront of software technology, crafting the future of web solutions through state-of-the-art technology. Our offerings are rich in features and cater to a global clientele in the hundreds of thousands. We integrate artificial intelligence across our products and platforms, aiming to streamline and elevate the user experience.

The inception of Ollyo is credited to Kawshar Ahmed, evolving from its original establishment as JoomShaper in 2010. Following this, further brands such as Themeum and IcoFont were launched, leading to the formation of Ollyo to bring coherence to the brand portfolio.

Based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Ollyo boasts its own dedicated office campus and a vibrant team of approximately 70 professionals. The team comprises a diverse group of talents including software engineers, developers, designers, writers, marketers, technical support, and sales personnel. Adding to the unique workplace environment, Ollyo features an in-house barista and a team of chefs dedicated to culinary excellence.

Expanding its portfolio, Ollyo has introduced several flagship products from its platforms, gaining significant traction worldwide. These include Tutor LMS, SP Page Builder, Helix Framework, and Droip, which collectively have been downloaded more than 15 million times. These key products underscore Ollyo’s commitment to delivering innovative and user-friendly web solutions on a global scale.