Ollyo's Privacy Policy

Your privacy is of paramount importance to us, and we are committed to preserving and safeguarding it.

At Ollyo, we adhere to various regulations designed to help us protect your privacy.

We will never ask for personal information that is irrelevant to our site (such as income, race, etc.). We do not transfer your personal data to third parties unless required by law or to protect our rights. We do not store personal information on our site unless necessary for a crucial operational process. Our primary goal is to respect and protect your privacy while operating our site.

Visitor Information

We collect non-personally identifiable information from all site visitors, including browser type, language preference, date and time of visits, and other general data. This information does not lead to personal identification and may only be released in the form of trends or reports.

Personally identifiable information, such as IP addresses, is collected for logged-in users and those who leave comments. This information is disclosed only to our administrators.

User Information

When interacting with our site and providing personal information is required, we may request personally identifiable data relevant to the interaction. For instance, signing up for our newsletter or commenting necessitates users to provide their name, username, and email address. We will not disclose personal identification to third parties. Users always have the right to refuse disclosure by accepting that they will not receive those services requiring such information.

Analytics & Statistics

We may produce statistics based on users' behavioral analysis. These statistics may be used to determine content popularity, identify spammed posts, and other events. While these statistics can be disclosed to third parties and the public, they do not reveal any personally identifiable information.

Disclosure of Certain Personally Identifiable Information

We only disclose personally identifiable information about users to employees, affiliates, and contractors who require the information to provide relevant services. All individuals with access to this information are bound not to disclose it to others. These personnel may be located in countries other than your own. By providing the information, you consent to their use of your personally identifiable information.

We are also obliged to share personally identifiable information in response to government requests, subpoenas, and court orders. Additionally, we may disclose such information in good faith when necessary to prevent rights violations, protect our site, and serve the greater public interest.

Registered users of our site may receive emails about new content and products at a reasonable frequency. Some of these emails may request feedback and inform you about site changes. If you post a question on our platform, we may choose to publish it to help other visitors.


We use cookies to track and identify users and their site preferences and usage. You can configure your browser to refuse cookies, but this may result in reduced site functionality.